We have developed many teaching modules you may use in your classrooms to teach about air quality and how it is measured.


If you wish to have an AirU outreach team visit your class in the Salt Lake Valley, please contact us.

Lego Air Quality Sensor

Build an air quality sensor using Lego-type building blocks and simple electronic parts.

  • Lesson plan including links to materials
  • Slides used to introduce module to students
  • Video of the lesson plan
  • Video of sensor working
  • Video of student assembling a sensor

Arduino Air Quality Sensor

Collect high-quality air quality data using inexpensive parts.

Artificial Inversion

Create an inversion in an aquarium using dry ice, and demonstrate with bubbles.

Air Quality Data Visualization

Learn how we visualize and how to use AQ&U air quality data.

3D-Printed Valley

3D print a replica of common valleys that are often plagued by inversions and poor air quality.

  • Lesson plan including links to site used to make STL files from topology
  • Examples of STL files, ready for printing

Care & Feeding of an AQ&U Air Quality Sensor

Instruction on how to install and maintain your AQ&U sensor.

  • Instructions on installing and taking care of your sensor
  • Slides used to introduce the sensors to students